11 Replies to “Zero Treatments Remaining”

  1. Not a thing to do but heal and dance with NED*

    * NED is shorthand for the medical “no evidence of disease”.


  2. Zero is by far the prettiest picture of all. Thank you for sharing this incredible path to healthy. You are always such an inspiration and hopefully our love for you has helped.
    Love, Linda

  3. Maggie

    Thank YOU for such a beautifully artistic and personally honest ‘report’ of your radiation journey. I will save this for a long time and share it with others as needed. I too went thru radiation in the summer of 2009 – 47 treatments, I think. You helped me do even more healing from that tedious, annoying and necessary time in my life. Thank YOU again.

    Rest, laugh, eat, walk and rest again. Radiation can really ‘zap’ your energy.


  4. Hi Maggie: Looking forward to seeing you in
    a couple of weeks when your rad time is OVER!!

    I make a mean Margarita so we (all 10 of us)
    will celebrate this milestone with you and Susan.

    Escape and nap anytime and tell us to “SShhuss”
    Looking forward to getting to know you and lots
    of laugh time. Love your Blog BTW.

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