Tired and Tender

Last Friday I completed No. 28, the last radiation treatment.  WAHOO.  I said goodbye to the excellent Dr. Nico…

…and the lovely therapists who were with me every day: Greg, Camilla and Stacey.

As I told them, they made a difficult process a little easier.  Bless them.

Then it was time to celebrate!!!  Susan, Janet and I headed off to a nearby establishment and toasted the end of radiation.  I had a martini 😉

Since then, I have been dismayed at how incredibly whupped I feel.  Susan described it in an email to her sister, “Maggie is very tired and tender”.  Yup.  I lie around a lot and have spent hours catching up on Leverage, White Collar and The Closer.

I know that this, too, shall pass.  Each day I feel a little stronger.  Meanwhile, Susan is extracting promises from me to GO AND REST.  So, my apologies when I don’t respond to your kind thoughts and notes.  I AM receiving them and they DO help.

Now, it’s rest time again….

2 Replies to “Tired and Tender”

  1. Meanwhile you DID manage to organize a beautiful flower treat for us, right?! Thank you so much, sweety! You will be in my thoughts next Saturday when we celebrate and we will send you photoes of us and the party. The flowers look great on the window-sill near the big table in the living room. Ah, I will send you a picture of those, too, one of these days! :o)
    Take your time and put your energy into regaining stamina. I know you feel blessed having been able to detect all this in an early stage and having a chance to heal and live on. You will and we will spend time together again.
    Much love,
    Marianne, who looks forward to being the bride at the party! hahaha

  2. Hello Cousin!
    So glad you are finsihed! What wonderful news from you!
    Take it easy and let yourself heal!
    Love and Hugs –

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