Experiencing the Cancer Adventure has added an odd complexion to time.

Time is immediately in slow motion the moment the diagnosis is confirmed.  Enduring the treatment is initially surreal.  Lately, radiation is downright tedious.

As my radiation treatment is coming to a close I am looking back.  Once I didn’t have cancer.  Then I did.

I am looking forward.  In a few months I will feel myself again.

And now, at this moment, I am going to rest.

2 watches

Treatments completed: 26

Treatments to go: 2

2 Replies to “Time”

  1. Maggie,
    I admire you greatly! Your posts have been beautifully creative and interesting.

    I hope that you have withstood this nasty process as well. I know your public face is only a part of it.

    We missed you at the last meeting!

    You are loved!

    1. Thank you Lenall. Although the treatment is immensely tiring these last weeks I am feeling VERY happy to be approaching the end.

      I missed seeing you all at the meeting too!

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