TGI Thursday

Wahoo!  I’m done until Tuesday.  This will give me time to charge up a little AND finish my little cinematic homage to radiation.  Stay tuned…

4 goose measuring cups

Treatments completed: 24

Treatments to go: 4

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  1. Sweet sister,
    Even when I don’t write… don’t forget that I read all your messages and am close to you from the distance! Your story about Arnold brought tears to my eyes, because it is so easy to recognize my own dad in it. No wonder, huh, considering how much these two brothers resembled eachother?! We are blessed to have had them as dads.
    I will dearly miss him on our 25th wedding anniversary end of this month… I will go to a goldsmith with Janny tomorrow, to talk about a design for a set of jewelry (earrings and a pendant) from old gold from mom and dad. I hope I can wear it the 28th… New from old, melting them together again… I will also put in my own creativity for suggestions and look forward to the result. I’ll keep you posted; you know how precious it is to keep them close, shiny, on the skin, close to the heart, when they are no longer there in person.

    Much love,


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