Sharing the News

First, my apologies to you for not being able to call you personally with the news.  I want to tell you, in person, gently, in such a way as to alleviate concern.  Really I’m going to be fine.

The day I got the news I sent text messages to the kids to set up a lunch or drinks.  Matt wrote back, “Is anything up?”  I wrote back, “Yes” and said I’d call.  I reached him on the phone and asked how he was.  He said, “Apprehensive.”  I told him the news and, bless him, he said, “I thought you were going to tell me something REALLY bad.”    What a nice dose of normalcy.  When Lizzie got off work I called her.  She was worried.  I suggested that her young roommate is also dealing well with breast cancer and Lizzie said, “Yeah, but she’s not my Mom.”  Later that day we gathered for lunch and mutual reassurance.

Then I began withdrawing from things.  Lots of activities going to the back burner until I know what’s up next.

A few more people know.  Soon all my friends and family will know.  And, still, I hate the idea of anyone worrying about me.

On the other hand, I want you to know.  I want your prayers and good thoughts.  I believe that healing happens on all kinds of levels and if you are thinking a positive thought on my behalf I KNOW it will benefit me.

So, thank you in advance.  And don’t worry.  I’m tough and I’ve faced harder stuff than this.

5 Replies to “Sharing the News”

  1. Man I Love your pretty smile in that pic!
    I just gave up a little prayer for your strength Maggie. I want the worry to diminish for you most right now. So close your eyes this moment and breath deep.
    Till the better news comes I am thinking of you today cousin!

    1. Thank you Russ. I’m still smiling–finding the humor where I can.Just closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Very good. Think I’ll do that a few more times….

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