13 Sweet Tart candies

Treatments completed: 15

Treatments to go: 13


I am halfway through the daily radiation treatments.  Break out the wine and snacks!!!

14 Purple Weed Flowers

Treatments completed: 14

Treatments to go: 14

Help from the Saints

My parents were devout Catholics and I was raised with an appealing amount of ritual and tradition.  I attended first grade at the beautiful Cathedral of the Madeleine with its vivid altar murals.

One of my favorite feasts was the Feast of St. Blaise when we’d have our throats blessed with crossed candles: 

Through the intercession of St. Blaise, bishop and martyr, may God free you from illness of the throat and from any other sort of ill. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

I like having different saints who can intercede on my behalf in issue-specific ways.  The Catholic Patron Saint site lists FOUR saints for breast cancer:

  • Agatha
  • Aldegundis
  • Giles
  • Peregrine Laziosi

That’s a lot of heavenly help.

15 Catholic Medals

Treatments completed: 13

Treatments to go: 15

Nature Heals

This morning I saw the excellent Tony, who is a massage therapist with the Integrative Medical Clinic.  I learned that radiation can limit range of motion and bother the soft tissue in my shoulder joint.  Wha???  Yes.  Although the radiation is aimed at me with pinpoint, laser-accurate precision it DOES diffuse and exit in a broad and less predictable way.  All righty then.  Fortunately massage and stretching will help to counteract the effects.

Afterward I walked some of the trails at the Audubon Sanctuary.  Strolling among the tall trees in that quiet expanse did as much to counteract the effects of cancer therapy.  Mother Nature is such a good mom.

16 Raffle Tickets

Treatments completed: 12

Treatments to go: 16

A New Week

I enjoyed an excellent weekend that included some dancing and ended in a quiet moment under the rays of the full moon.  Summer is really a very nice time to be in rest and recuperation mode.

17 New Leaves

Treatments completed: 11

Treatments to go: 17

Two Weeks

Ahhhh…two weeks of radiation completed.  Two days off.

Trotting off to the clinic everyday has become routine.  They run a tight ship and I am in and out of the place after just 20 minutes.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.

18 Colored Pencils

Treatments completed: 10

Treatments to go: 18


19 Quartz Beads

Treatments completed: 9

Treatments to go: 19

I Want My HRT

My particular brand of DCIS is hormone-receptive so I had to go off my hormone replacement pills which I’d been happily enjoying for 3 years (post-hysterectomy).

I miss them.


20 Estradiol pills

Treatments completed: 8

Treatments to go: 20

B-12 for All My Friends

My excellent naturopath, Dr. Heidi, has suggested B-12 injections because my B-12 level is ‘sub-optimal’.

I’m tired!

I am doing an injection every three days and they really help.

Then Tally had to go to her doctor and the vet gave her a B-12 injection.  It seemed to help the dog who is, after all, 12 years old.

So, now Tally is jonzin’ for MY B-12 magic.

Today I resumed my zapping.

22 Strips of Scrap Paper

Treatments completed: 6

Treatments to go: 22