Abducted by Aliens!!!

Those of us who have received radiation treatment find it an alien experience.  Really alien.  Almost as if we’d been abducted by aliens.  So, here is my homage to the process:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vztfuVdljTA]

TGI Thursday

Wahoo!  I’m done until Tuesday.  This will give me time to charge up a little AND finish my little cinematic homage to radiation.  Stay tuned…

4 goose measuring cups

Treatments completed: 24

Treatments to go: 4

Lavender is Magic

My sunburn is beginning to be annoying.  I just saw my doc and he’s giving me two days off (Friday and Monday) so that my skin gets a break.  Sheesh.   Fortunately, my BFF Janet told me to put lavender on the burn and it is helping.

I’m usually so careful in the sun…ironic to get such a burn indoors!

5 twigs

Treatments completed: 23

Treatments to go: 5


I have been feeling pretty doggone well since Sunday afternoon.  Maybe it was the weekend effect: two days free from zapping.  Maybe it’s all the supplements Dr. Heidi has suggested.  Maybe I am like the proverbial horse, smelling the barn at the end of an arduous journey.  Whatever it is I am VERY grateful.

6 Feverfew Blossoms

Treatments completed: 22

Treatments to go: 6

Week Five

After a restorative weekend I began week 5.  Ooooh, we’re getting close now.

7 Rubber Bands

Treatments completed: 21

Treatments to go: 7

Four Weeks

I am kicking Cancer’s ass, as my friend, Kristy, encouraged.

At the end of the fourth week it’s kind of kicking me back.  Whew–radiation is tiring.  But I have the weekend to rest and I am happy we’re into the little numbers now.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

8 Maple Seeds

Treatments completed: 20

Treatments to go: 8

Maybe Later

When I embarked on this chapter I saw one medical professional who gave me some tough talk about managing my risk factors going forward.   In no uncertain terms I was told to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Limit alcoholic beverages to three–per week
  3. Exercise daily

Good work to do, no doubt.  But at the beginning of cancer therapy?  Um, no.

So, today’s photo subject is emblematic.  And please notice, we are now in the single digits.  I think I’ll drink to that!

9 Corks

Treatments completed: 19

Treatments to go: 9

Two Weeks from Today

Two weeks from today I should be coming home from my final zapping.  Excellent.

10 Spoons

Treatments completed: 18

Treatments to go: 10

The Zappings Continue

I saw my doc today and so far, so good.  My skin is holding up and the zappings may continue.  Good.

11 Swedish Fish

Treatments completed: 17

Treatments to go: 11

Congrats Nephew!

Today my youngest nephew, Alex, received his Officer’s commission in a ceremony at Fort Lewis.

His parents have come west and his brother has come north.

We were able to join them briefly last evening–taking that usually short drive on Interstate 5.  Construction and heavy traffic from an accident cut our time short but we did manage to eat together and take a few photos.

Here I am with the newly commissioned Second Lieutenant Kolkena.  His dad, retired from the Air Force, pinned on Alex’s new bars and proudly saluted his son.

Congratulations Alex!

I returned to radiation today, beginning my fourth week.

12 Hearts

Treatments completed: 16

Treatments to go: 12