Maybe Later

When I embarked on this chapter I saw one medical professional who gave me some tough talk about managing my risk factors going forward.   In no uncertain terms I was told to:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Limit alcoholic beverages to three–per week
  3. Exercise daily

Good work to do, no doubt.  But at the beginning of cancer therapy?  Um, no.

So, today’s photo subject is emblematic.  And please notice, we are now in the single digits.  I think I’ll drink to that!

9 Corks

Treatments completed: 19

Treatments to go: 9

3 Replies to “Maybe Later”

  1. A raised toast to single digies Maggie 🙂

    My visiting Mom and Paw send their love and
    are happy you are near this tough chapters complete. Its a breezer now!

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