Behold the Blossom

Post-surgical cancer treatment is, at it’s most basic, giving us poisonous substances to kill bad cells.  Chemotherapy is nasty stuff.  Radiation is harmful.

Still, these toxins are a vital part of treating the ailment.  So, it is very helpful to visualize the medicine in a positive way.

Behold, me, the blossom, opening to the radiant energy.

Yes, I am being healed by the radiant light, just as a flower opens to the sun.  Call me silly (please not to my face) — I’m giggling a bit myself.  But the visualizing really helps.  I know the mind-body connection is an important part of receiving this healing treatment.

God bless modern medicine.

26 Lima Beans

Treatments completed: 2

Treatments to go: 26

5 Replies to “Behold the Blossom”

  1. And God Bless those that recieve it!
    Silly smart to giggle because you know my cousin, laughter
    does heal our family.
    I am counting down with you to the completed treatment to full blossom.

  2. Like the visualization Mag. think it is wise and helpful for the body. the countdown photos are a delight, a little art-a little play. All good for the body and soul.
    we are there in spirit as we read your posts every day. Sunny, cool earthy energy from applegorgeous to you.

  3. Qigong–standing post meditation–helped me survive four bouts of supposedly terminal lymphoma cancer in the early nineties. It calmed my mind, energized my body, and empowered my will to withstand the high-dose chemo of two bone marrow transplants. Oncologists believed the cancer would relapse until it killed me. Clear 14 years and still practicing qigong daily!

    Bob Ellal
    Author, ‘By These Things Men Live: Chronicles of a Four-Time Cancer Survivor’

    1. Very inspiring Bob! My partner had lymphoma 4.5 years ago and, happily, is in full remission. I can’t imagine how difficult your experience must have been. I will investigate Qigong resources here in Portland. Thanks!

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