On April 15th I turned the respectable age of 50 years old. Of course, as any American citizen over age 50 knows, it is now my opportunity to join the ranks of AARP. A week before my big day this envelope arrived in the mail.

So what does this signify? Am I retired? Hardly. Yet, I’m invited to join the American Association for Retired Persons. Is it a nefarious political movement? Perhaps. If I were 25 years old I’d worry about the legislation that AARP supports because it probably means that you’ll be supporting us more fully as we move into our sunset years. Do I get discounts? Bingo! That’s a reason to join AARP. The Regal Cinemas won’t be giving me the movie discount for a few more years but my AARP membership will get me a discount on long-term care insurance and other things that older persons think about. SIgh. I’m an older person.

But all month-long friends have been telling me that 50 is the new 30! How can I be a member of AARP?!

I think I’ll tuck this in the very back corner of my purse.

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